Christopher Caldwell grew up in Paul Smiths, New York and went to college and business school out of state before returning to the Adirondacks to expand his father’s business. Now more than thirty years after his father started the original, contracting business, Christopher offers an expanded array of services to private and historic camps, houses, schools, churches, and commercial buildings throughout the Tri-lakes Adirondack Region.

“Painters come and fade,” but Christopher believes his is a successful business because of his reliability, integrity, history of long-term relationships, and his meticulously-delivered results. These results are not simply cosmetic. They preserve buildings and make good business sense …

“I have known Christopher for over 30 years. I trust him explicitly. In that time we have worked extensively together on multiple projects located on the Adirondack Mountain Reserve. From the interior and exterior painting of the Hotel to the remote buildings on the Upper and Lower Ausable Lakes, Christopher has demonstrated a true professionalism and used his vast knowledge and experience in maintaining and preserving our buildings for years to come.” — L.H., Retired Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds, Adirondack Mountain Reserve

“I have hired Christopher on a number of occasions, because I know he is reliable and knowledgeable about the maintenance and ongoing care of our home. His results speak volumes.” — H.J., Rainbow Lake, New York

“Christopher painted the interior and stained the exterior of a 1928 TB Cure Cottage I bought as a business investment in Saranac Lake, New York.  No easy feat, the exterior had not been painted in many years, and the inside, too, had its challenges, including walls that had shifted, cracked and settled. But the most immediate impact, after hiring Chris, was felt in my checkbook … Depending on how cold it is in any given year, I have been saving 400-1000 gallons of heating oil since he insulated the building. This is real money! Thousands each year, making it one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”–Elizabeth Collins, New York City

1928 TB Cure Cottage Project … before

After …now a flourishing three-unit apartment building


Specializing in painting and insulation, Christopher M. Caldwell LLC has been dedicated to the detailed care and preservation of historic houses, boathouses, Great Camps, and commercial buildings in the Adirondacks since 1978.

For your free painting, staining, or insulation estimate, contact us or call Christopher Caldwell at (518) 891-7354.

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